Well, you see, my son is the youth pastor at Temple Baptist Church in Pueblo, CO. When he called and asked if I could help raise money to send the youth of his church on a mission trip, how could I refuse? It was an honor to take the show to Temple. 

It was a long 10 hour drive (it would have been 9.5 but we had to pull over and dodge a tornado in western Kansas!). My stage hand, Jordan Byrd and I made the trip and arrived a day early to unload and set up the nearly 3 tons of equipment, curtains, lighting, audio and props that make up “Believe The Amazing”. This was the “concert of illusion” version that runs 2 hours with intermission.

The team Temple had assembled to help us was a huge blessing. The show went off great, they sold concessions during intermission and helped us strike the show and put the church back together for service the next morning.

An added bonus was that my wife, Carol, surprised us by arriving the afternoon of the show. She took the train and showed up in time to help a little and watch the show. We attended church service the next morning and had a blast as we turned the afternoon into a hiking adventure in the Rockies with Evan and his wife Nicole. They are foster parenting a one month old little boy named Eli. It was his first hiking adventure in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We even enjoyed a snowball fight as we made it above the snow line.

Needless to say, this was a great trip and God so blessed us with the ability to spread His word and take in His beautiful creation with family. Now….the drive home was long, but at least there were no tornados!. Oh, yeah…we did manage to have a flat tire on the trailer, but God allowed that to happen at a well lit and paved gas station in Lawrence, KS. Ah, the joys of being a touring Magic Show! Now we unpack, check all the props and get ready for the next adventure. Maybe to YOUR town!